Purseat was creatively designed and strictly developed for parents and children who want more convenience, mobility, function and cost saving on their car seat when moving it from one place to another or when on holiday via plane and car. This multi-function product, purse and seat, can perfectly fulfill these particular requirements.

Furthermore, our motivated designers are striving to create more innovative concepts for child safety. These creative concepts are mostly not yet available in the current mechanical industrial design. Therefore, Purseat brings the newer passion to the market. That is, "make safety easier".


  • The primary function of Purseat is as the child car seat. It was designed and developed for children of approximately 3 to 12 years old. 
  • It can also be transformed to a travelling bed by pulling down the back rest, and to a booster seat by removing the back rest. 
  • Fragile and important items (iPad, laptop, fancy toy ...) can be safely stored in this purse during travel.

Most convinient car seat. It is very handy, easy to use and above all very safe as well.

Older children must use a booster seat in the car Purseat has it for you whenever you need.

On any trip it can give the extra protection for the fragile and important items...

Enabling your children to sleep in the Purseat. It can make your trip much easier when travel.



Fashionable Purse:
Outer: 40 cm x 36 cm x 19 cm (LxWxH) 
Inner: 30 cm x 28 cm x 7 cm (LxWxH)

Product Weight:
Net: approx 6 kg 
Gross: approx 7 kg

Car Seat (iso-fix):
46 cm x 39 cm x 69 cm (LxWxH) 
Child weighs 15-36 kg
Approx 3-12 years old

Travelling Bed:
106 cm x 46 cm x 19 cm (LxWxH) 
Approx 1.5-7 years old

Booster Seat:
36 cm x 36 cm x 17 cm (LxWxH)
Approx 6-12 years old

Material: PP / ABS / PA6+GF20 / Aluminium

Production Process: Injection molding

Safety Standards: CCC / ECE R44/04



  • Quick & easy deployment in aircraft / (rental) car / taxi
  • Install & removal within seconds anywhere, anytime
  • Occupying only the space of a purse when stored
  • No need to spend extra money on rented car seat
  • Convenient protection for your child on trips


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