About Us

About Us

Mommories Co.,Ltd was established in 2011 with a vision for distribute a quality of marternity and baby products in Thailand. Our first step begin with exclusive distributor of 'PUR' brand, which is delivering premium baby feeding products and total satisfaction to mothers word wide.

We're an exclusive distributor for many brand of marternity and baby products from many country around the world such as...
Mamas & Papas (from UK)
Founded in 1981, Mamas & Papas was born out of a desire to better meet the needs of new parents. Understanding that parents wanted good quality products with a unique sense of identity, Mamas & Papas made it their goal to create a range which did just that.

Mamas & Papas inspiration comes from real life; using their own experiences of parenting, customer insights and rigorous trialling at our UK test lab, they continue to create innovative products with thoughtful designs. Mamas & Papas believe a new life begins when you start a family, but your old life shouldn't stop. Which is why Mamas & Papas products are made to bring style and confidence to parenting, letting you flourish no matter how you experience it.

Sophie La Girafe (from France)
The simple story of a girafe born on May 25th in the year 1961, Saint Sophie's day. In those days, the only animal toys available were farm animals and pet figures...That is why one day in France, a certain Monsieur RAMPEAU, who was an expert in transforming the latex from the HEVEA tree using the rotational moulding of rubber as a toy-making concept, came up with the idea of designing a giraffe. Such an exotic wildlife figure would be a first on the market, and its size and shape would be ideal for a baby's small hand to grasp.

She was an immediate success. Young parents immediately recognized that she was a must for their baby... When the first signs of teething appear, Sophie la girafe helps babies stop crying! By simple word of mouth, the little giraffe's fame spread. From then on around the world, generations upon generations of children were to love hearing Sophie squeak whenever they pressed her tummy or head! VULLI, a company based in Rumilly in the Haute-Savoie region of France has continued to keep the highly guarded secret of how this wonder toy is made. To this day, Sophie la girafe is still "traditionally" produced, a process that involves more than 14 manual operations. She is made from 100% natural rubber derived from the latex of the Hevea tree.
Ki Et La (from France)

Ki Et La is a French brand of sunglasses, founded in 2010, in Pornic (44), 100% frenchy in other words. With a made in Paris design, style is inevitably central to each collection! But what matters even more for us is to cater for children’s comfort while at the same time protecting them..

We launched our first sunglasses for kids in 2010 with the watchwords : Design, look and well-being! 
Maclaren (from UK)
In 1965 in rural England, a former test pilot and aviation engineer famous for his work on the Spitfire aircraft, Owen Finlay Maclaren used his knowledge of lightweight load-bearing airplane structures to create a new type of folding stroller inspired by visits from his daughter and her baby wheeling around a bulky pram of the time. Maclaren recognized the need for a pram that could fold compactly and was lightweight and convenient for travel for a new generation of active families.

Famous for his work on the undercarriage landing gear of the Spitfire aircraft, Maclaren adapted his aeronautical invention of folding landing gear to create the world’s first folding stroller.  The new Baby Buggy® folded like an umbrella with lightweight por ility that appealed to a new generation of active parents on the move.  Where previous strollers folded in half, Maclaren’s patented frame folded in half and in on itself – like an umbrella – smaller and lighter than any product that came before.  The one-step umbrella-fold design allowed busy parents to quickly fold the stroller with one hand, while holding the baby in the other - forever changing the world of baby transport.

The principles of our patented 1965 design have remained essentially unchanged to this day – an innovation so revolutionary, Maclaren was honored by the Queen as a Member of the British Empire. Affectionately branded and trademarked as Baby Buggy®, the name has become the popular eponym to describe the entire category of umbrella folding strollers all over the world, similar to Hoover for vacuum cleaners, Kleenex for tissues, or Google for online search.
Love To Dream (from Australia)
Hana-Lia Krawchuk, founder of Love To Dream™, & the inventor of the 3-Stage Sleep system™, knows that necessity really is the mother of invention. She found that her baby seemed to sleep better with his arms UP, rather than wrapped against his body as she, like most new mothers, had been taught to do.  Reading & research seemed to confirm it - medical science suggests that babies really can sleep better if they have access to their hands for self-soothing.

Using her skills as an experienced fashion designer, Hana spent many hours, days & weeks refining, simplifying, sampling & resampling the very first version of the signature Swaddle UP™. By the following year her prototype hit the stores of Sydney. Two weeks later it had sold out.  The Love To Dream™ story had begun.

Since then hundreds of thousands of parents across the world have come to learn that Love To Dream™ products really work! The Love To Dream™ range not only looks great, but provides the highest level of trust & quality & the solution to a very real parenting challenge.  Love To Dream can help your family achieve a better night’s sleep too. 
We also distribute products into many channels and also our own retail store 'Mommories Store' which you can find our branches in :
  • Bangkok General Hospital
  • Mega Bangna
  • Bangkok Hospital Khonkaen
  • Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital
  • Harbor Pattaya
  • The Mall Korat
  • BLÚPORT Hua Hin
  • The Mall Bangkapi
  • The Promenade
Our Mommories Store not only contain our own imported products, but we also have many other brands that come from many country and Thailand.
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