Zip & Zoe Rainbow Drinking Bottle


SKU : B4-B05-BM1347


Daisy's floral adventure. We all know that exploring can be thirsty work, so keep your little ones hydrated with our cool printed Zip & Zoe drinking bottle with straw. The drinking bottle comes complete with a handy wristlet for easy carrying and a flip and go lid for easy use on the move.

Note for adults: We recommend the bottle should be kept upright at all times and adults should supervise little ones at all times when using the bottle.

-Flip top lid to prevent drinks from spilling
-Tritan plastic with silicone straw
-BPA, BPS and Phthalate-Free
-Fully dishwasher safe
-Handy carry strap for drinking on the go
-Super cool Zip & Zoe prints


Pull plastic and silicone straw from bottom of lid, pull plastic straw and silicone straw apart

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