Bellini® Sea Sponge - Honeycomb




ขนาดเล็ก - เบอร์ 12 ขนาดกลาง - เบอร์ 14

Brand : Bellini

Bellini Sea Sponge Honeycomb is a natural silk fine sponge from the Mediterranean Sea that adds a wonderful softness to bath time. Perfect for baby, sensitive skin, and make-up removal. A real jewel from the sea!

Features: Made in Italy Dermatologically tested Small sea-weeds and imperfections are signs of authenticity of the natural sponge

Naturally clean
Sea sponges by Bellini are natural. They are not produced using industrial processes—this means no pollution, no emissions, and no harsh chemicals. Perfect for baby and anyone with sensitive skin. A real jewel from the sea!

These sponges are hygienic, containing innate enzymes and minerals that help prevent the development of odors, molds, and bacteria.

Responsibly harvested in the Mediterranean Sea
Instead of using trawls, which can permanently ruin the sea floor, Bellini sponges are individually harvested in the Mediterranean Sea using ONLY diving methods, which leaves a part of the sponge to regrow.

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