Beads plush Sophie la girafe in micro velvet 2 in 1: both plush and beads rattle.

In detail
2 in 1:

A plush with fur ultra soft in micro velvet and flexible thanks to the microbeads placed in its body and at each end of the paws. Thanks to its small size, this plush is easy to grasp by baby's little hands. It is the ideal companion to reassure and follow baby in all his and follow him in all his movements.
A ball rattle: baby has fun shaking the plush toy to listen and see the little marbles rattle together.
Its embroidered scarf and its 3 colored tabs to handle sign each product of the range.

Surface washable.

Age : 0 month +

Packaging size: H 160 x W 80 x D 165 mm
Product size : H 150 x W 80 x D 165 mm

Ref : 010342

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