Hot Safe™ Feeding Spoons - Nûby



สี (Color)

Green Blue Pink

Brand : Nuby



Nûby - Hot Safe™ Feeding Spoons

The soft tip Hot Safe™ Feeding Spoons are soft on tender gums and change color when baby’s food is too hot (Approximately 110˚F/43˚C or above). The long handle is comfortable for mom to hold during feeding and is perfect for taller baby jars meaning no more messy finger tips for mom.

  • Changes color when baby's food is too hot (approximately 110F/43C)
  • Sure Temp Sensor - Indicates if food is right temperature for child
  • BPA Free
  • Fun bright colors
  • Long handle is designed to reach the bottom of taller baby pots
  • Soft tip is gentle on baby's tender gums and new teeth
  • Easy for mom to hold
  • Perfect for baby's first foods
  • Colors may vary
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