The Travel UV Sanitizing Wand uses powerful Ultraviolet-C light to

germs,mold and dust mites. This compact cordless device sanitizes bedding, towels, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures and remote controls, killing up to 99.9% of bacteria, including E. coli. Features auto safety shutoff if accidentally overturned.

Product Parameters
Model: UV001
Product Size: 320*45*25mm
Rated Power: 7.9W
Rated Voltage: 5V
Power Supply: 2000mAh lithium battery

Usage and Maintenance:
  1. Please carefully read this manual, know its functions and and ensure full charge before using this device.
  2. The device is charged with a DC5V/1A adaptor, charging current is 800mA.
  3. Please open the baby-lock before using, the power indicator light is green when on standby; the indicator light is red when it’s working.
  4. The device has two operating mode:
    1. Continuously press the function key to activate the light, release the button to stop disinfecting;
    2. Double click the function key, the light is always on, double click the function key to turn off the light and stop disinfecting.
  5. A built-in safety switch will automatically turn the UV-C light off if the device is turned upward 45o;the device can’t start if turned upward 180o , protecting your eyes from exposure to UV-C light.
  6.  The device has a rectangular bi-color light, which Indicates different functions:
    1. Charging indicator: Light displays red when charging, Light displays green when full charging.
    2. Power & Working indicator: Light displays green when unlocking the baby-lock, Light displays red when disinfecting.
  7. Please put the device into the travel bag after used. What Is UV-C Light?
UV stands for ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light represents the frequency of light between 100 nanometers (nm) and 400nm and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Within the UV spectrum lie three distinct bands of light: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.
  • UV-A (400nm-315nm): The long wave UV light (315nm to 400nm) or UV-A refers, to what we commonly call “black light.” This is the longest wavelength region and has the lowest energy. UV-A represents the largest portion of natural UV light.
  • • UV-B (315nm-280nm): The UV-B (280nm to 315nm), or mid-range UV, causes sunburn.
  • • UV-C (280nm-100nm): The germicidal UV light (100nm to 280nm), or UV-C, is effective in microbial control.
  • Scientific research has proven that the most effective frequency for microbiall destruction is between 280nm and 200nm, which is within the UV-C band. Therefore, as long as the nm frequency of a germicidal lamp is well controlled within that range, the microorganisms will be destroyed effectively

  1. The Travel UV Sanitizing Wand is prohibited to use around the area of flammable gas or explosive powder.
  2. Do not expose eyes or skin directly to UV-C light. Keep this device out of the reach of children at all times.
  3. Avoid disinfecting when people or pets are nearby.
  4. Do not use the Travel UV Sanitizing Wand when charging.
  5. Opportunities for infection are abundant and virtually everywhere, so it is important to realize that use of the Travel UV Sanitizing Wand does not guarantee that the user will avoid illness. To avoid microbial infection, one must take a wide range of precautions. Use of the Travel UV Sanitizing Wand is an important precaution, but not the only precaution that one should take.



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