Zip & Zoe Mini Backpack & Safety Harness / Reins Age 1-4 Years Spaceman


SKU : B4-B05-BM7539


Come with Zip on his space adventure. Perfect for little ones starting out on their own adventures…. Our ultra cool mini backpacks feature a detachable safety harness/ reins, a zipped main compartment with plenty of space for snacks and toys and super cute original musical tag. The padded back straps keep them comfortable and secure on their journeys. Note for adults – the safety harness unclips when you’re ready to let them roam free!

- Machine washable polyester 
- Detachable safety harness / reins which attach to the base of the backpack 
- Bright yellow signature lining with write on name tag 
- Internal elasticated loop keeps bottles / sippy cups in place 
- Padded adjustable back straps with safety clip to keep straps in place on little shoulders
- Large zipped main compartment and separate zipped front pocket

Dimensions: H25 X W20 X D8 CM 
Weight: 0.1KG

Machine washable on cold wash, remove musical dangle and rein prior to washing and dry flat

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