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Brand : Bumkins

Bumkins' Wet/Dry Bags have two compartments - one for wet, one for dry; the perfect way to pack a dry outfit and stash the other one while on-the-go.

The main interior compartment features a non-wicking PUL fabric featuring heat-sealed seams for true waterproof protection. The exterior and second compartment is made from Bumkins' lightweight, easy-wipe, machine washable waterproof fabric. These bags are perfect for holding anything from cloth diapers to dirty clothes to wet swimsuits. A smooth zipper closure locks away the mess and a snap handle makes for convenient carrying. 

  • Features two compartments – one for wet, one for dry; great for cloth diapering or carrying dirty clothes or wet swimwear
  • Zipper closures and snap handle with heat-sealed seams
  • Exterior is made from Bumkins’ easy wipe, stain and odor resistant, waterproof fabric; Interior is made from PUL fabric
  • Machine wash, hang dry.
  • Measures 12"W x 16"L
  • BPA, PVC, Vinyl, Phthalate and Lead free
  • Our Wet/Dry Bags are also available in Disney, DC Comics, and Dr. Seuss designs!

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