My Cozy Bamboo Blanket (for Toddlers & Kids)




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Brand : Iflin


My Cozy Bamboo Blanket (for Toddlers & Kids)

Based on overwhelming requests from our valued customers who have been using My Cozy Bamboo Blanket (for Baby), your growing toddler can now also enjoy the exceptional softness of My Cozy Bamboo Blanket, a “Must Have” companion for your child’s sweet dreams.
With My Cozy Bamboo Blanket (for Toddlers & Kids), your toddler will experience top of the line softness and coziness that will provide gentle embrace throughout the night.  It is featured double layers of silky soft bamboo muslin with super soft padding in the middle.  Since first touch, you and your child will definitely fall in love with its supreme softness.

My Cozy Bamboo Blanket, the softness beyond expectation

SIZE: 40" × 60"
PIECES: 1 Pieces
PRICE: THB 2,490

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