My Everyday Bamboo Burp & Nurse (2in1)




Playful Stars Playful Pink Playful Blue Playful Stripes Playful Sky Playful Space

Brand : Iflin


It’s practical function and versatility makes it an everyday essential for moms.

Does your old burp cloth fall off your shoulder all the time?  Try My Everyday Bamboo Burp & Nurse, and you will never want to use an old-fashioned burp cloth again. 

My Everyday Bamboo Burp & Nurse is designed to be a cross-body burp cloth with a unique semicircle shape, which provides maximum coverage (from your shoulder to your chest and elbow) and fashion at the same time.  With snap buttons, you can rest assured that it will stay in place and won’t fall off your shoulder. 

With its smart design, it can serve as more than just a burp cloth. You can also use it as a 360° nursing cover by opening it up and putting it over your head, providing a private comfortable space for on-the-go breastfeeding. 

Tips: its generous size also makes it very useful for diaper changes.

This innovative is patented (Patent no. 12112), so you can’t find it anywhere else.

PRICE 990  Baht
PIECES 2 Piece
COLOR  Playful Pink / Playful Blue / Playful Stars / Playful Stripes

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