Nuby - No-Spill™ Insulated Cool Sipper



สี (Color)

Blue Yellow

Brand : Nuby

Nuby No-Spill™ Insulated Cool Sipper

The easy to use Cool Sips spout is perfect for toddlers with newly formed sharp teeth. The Cool Sips is perfect for children on the go! Nûby™ Cool Sips fun designs make cup drinking more fun for your little one.

  • 15+ months
  • 9oz/270ml
  • BPA Free
  • No-Spill™ Design - Prevents spills and reduces leaks
  • Double Wall Insulation - Keeps liquid at desired temperature longer
  • Insulated cup, keeps drinks cooler for longer
  • Aids in transitioning to open cup drinking
  • Touch-Flo™ Technology which activates as soon as your child puts the spout into their mouth
  • Encourages natural drinking action & oral development
  • Soft silicone rim
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