Sun shades for kids - Lion Baby




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Brand : Ki ET LA

The famous pair of sunglasses with little ears made in France is now available in Lion shape.

Available in 4 mixed and trendy colors, this lion-shaped model will make all new parents fall in love!
A very useful and absolutely cute birth gift, Lion Baby is available for little ones from 3 months, with category 3 glasses filtering 100% of UV rays (we think very strongly about baby's eyes in his cosy, who will thank us during his first walks in the sun).

Unbreakable frame and lenses, perfectly designed for being handled by babies.
No hinges so no risk of getting caught in the hinges or swallowing small metal parts.
New soft, comfortable cord.

Optimal protection polycarbonate lenses: category 4.
Anti-UVA, Anti-UVB, Anti-UVC filter.
3.2 cm-sized lenses to completely protect children's eyes.
Ki ET LA's extra: anti-blue-light filter to reduce glare.

Ergonomic, flexible, light and soft shades. No pressure on temples or on the nose and no pressing against ears.

Recyclable frame (excluding lenses).
Reusable, recyclable cardboard case.

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