Offspring - Lion Playmat & Gym


SKU : B4-M01-7594OP100


Our Lion Wedge Playmat is the perfect Tummy Time companion. The padded base is soft and comfortable and comes with lots of hidden features. Bringing bold colours back to playtime, the Mamas & Papas Offspring toy collection is full of entertaining toys that will keep your little ones busy for hours. Using contrasting textures, noises, patterns and prints, along with features designed for little hands and mouths, Offspring engages baby?s senses and encourages interaction and imagination through play.

Product Features
 Tummy Time is an essential exercise that helps your newborn baby build strength in their neck and shoulder muscles. Our Lion Tummy Time Wedge Playmat is the perfect companion. The playful lion character will keep them happy, and the raised wedge supports your little one while encouraging them to reach out. The padded base is soft and comfortable and comes with lots of hidden features. With two arches above baby, they?ll have so much fun reaching and grabbing the handing toys. Full of surprising sounds and textures, including squeakers, rattles and crinkles. It?s lots of fun and perfect from birth.
  • Padded wedge base, comfortable and supportive for Tummy Time
  • Arches include hanging toys with hidden noises and textures
  • The base?s 3D leaves include hidden noises and textures
  • Suitable from birth
Product Specification
Age Suitability 0m+
Dimensions  H 49 x W 70 x D 94cm

  • Red tricot-100% Polyester
  • Stripe polypeach-100% Polyester
  • Teal tricot-100% Polyester
  • Purple tricot-100% Polyester
  • Yellow printing polypeach-100% Polyester
  • Yellow super soft short pile-100% Polyester
  • Red super soft short pile-100% polyester
  • Teal super soft short pile-100% polyester
  • Purple super soft short pile-100% polyester
  • Teal felt-100% polyester
  • Purple felt-100% polyester
  • Yellow felt-100% polyester
  • B&W spot polypeach- 100% polyester
  • Yellow tricot-100% polyester
  • G&B stripe jersey-100% polyester
  • Plastic mirror-100% PETG
  • Velcro-100% Nylon
  • Bar-Expandable Polyethylene
  • Buckle- polyoxymethylene
  • Rattle-PS,crinkle paper-100% Cellophane (PET)
  • Squeaker- EVA
  • Thread-100% Nylon
  • Stuffing-100% Polyester
  • Sew-in label-100% Nylon
  • 0 - 5months approx. Interactive Playmat and Gym
  • ? WARNING. Remove the toy arches from the base unit as soon as your child starts to push up on hands and knees (approx. 5 months).
  • The gym arches are a sprung structure and care should be taken whenever removing them from the playmat.
  • 5 months+ Interactive Floor Mat
  • Detach toy arch and use as tummy time wedge or as a comfy place to sit.
  • Please remove the packaging and attachments before giving this toy to a child.
  • Design may vary from illustration.
  • Base - Machine washable at 40°C
  • All other items - Wipe clean only
  • UK Standards - EN71

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