Sobble Premium Baby Bath Tub



สี (Color)

Blue White Mint Pink


sobble premium cushion baby tub

- So adorable, so comfortable, So lovely like Soft Bubble

- Cushion tub designed by Finland

-World 1st, advanced technology has proven by
   various testing

- Korea No.1 cushion bath tub manufacturer with over 20yrs 

- Seeking for baby first and the best quality produt

- Ergonomic embrace shape design

- Global buyer’s choice, for baby cushion bath tub

Why sobble bath tub

- Marshmellow softness

- Hands-Free Easy Bathing

- Deep ergonomic design for baby like a mom’s womb

- Innovative Heat Retention. 3 times much longer

- Unbelievable Safety

- Adjustable Stopper

- The most comfortable position

- 4colors with creamwhite, pink, mint and blue

Sobble premium cushion tub's smooth elasticisty is proven when an raw egg dropped from a meter above stays in tact without any cracks. 
Using a adjuistable stopper, this can be , you can either attach or detach depending on the size and body form of your baby. 
Thus, parents are able to wash and bathe their little ones with both hands.
This special material of the tub allows warm water to maintain its temperature 3 to 4 times longer that other tubs so there is no need to pour in addition warm water in the course of the baby's bath. Also, there is a thermometer on the bottom of the tub so you may conveniently check the water temperature whenever.
As of now, there are many hits on the egg-drop video on sns and this product has been picked as one of the top 17 must-have items in 2018 at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas last October.







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