SKU : B4-L01-1359

Brand : Lilalu


Frankenstein's monster as a charming Art Duck rubber duck
When Viktor Frankenstein was no longer able to bear the sight of his monster, he fled from his lab completely horrified. Don't worry, this will not happen with our Frankstein rubber duck. With lots of love for each detail and the rolemodel from the novel by Mary Shelley from the year 1818, in cooperation with LILALU the artists of Interduck devoloped a very beautiful and very detailed rubber duck. With its' peaceful smile and the great hairstyle, this rubber duck is a real eye-catcher.

"Design by LILALU" - What it means to us
Every production of our ducks is meticulously inspected on the side and undergoes some very complex and time-intensive quality tests. Thus, as LILALU GmbH, we make sure that each of our lovely designed products meets German and international quality requirements. We can ensure that all legal international quality standards are fullfiled. Our products are absolutely safe for babies and toddlers.

"It is alive" is probably the most known phare in the history of movies. Our Frankenstein rubber duck is not alive yet, but looks confusingly similar to his rolemodel.
Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 7.5 cm (L x H x W)
Weight: 0.05 kg

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